• Database Backup Utility Install and Configuration

Installation and configuration of an easy to use database backup utility.

We'll implement on your site an easy to use MySQL Backup utility with a secure unique login that is separate from Opencart.

It's always good to do a full database backup before making any changes on your store including the installation of new extensions and any other changes to the product catalog.

It's also a good idea to have a way to restore the database easily without having to access the Opencart administration area. The database backup utility we install is not directly tied into Opencart and will continue to work even if your Opencart store is compromised or if any of the Opencart files become corrupted.

If you have Linux hosting that offers the ability to schedule server tasks (geeks call them cron jobs), we'll also setup a scheduled database backup to occur on a regular interval of your choosing.

Database Backup Utility Install and Configuration

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